WRIST ROLL (Wall mounting)

WRIST ROLL (Wall mounting)

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WRIST ROLL (Wall mounting)

Combo unit for Flexion-Extension & Supination-Pronation exercises of Wrist and Forearm. One piece aluminum Roll with Wrist Rotation handles on both sides is fitted on a laminated board.


* Wrist Roller : Aluminum Roller with Three different diameters i.e. 30mm,  40mm  and  50mm to suit different Grips.
* Resistance : Unit fitted with Adjustable Resistance Control mechanism, controllable from  Zero to Maximum.
* Mounting Board : Laminated Board size, 20cm x 80cm long for placing or fixing on table. Can also be mounted on Wall if required.
* Finish : Aluminum Roller with Anodized finish, Metal parts with Powder Coated finish.