Standing Positioner With Activity Tray, Child (Thr

Standing Positioner With Activity Tray, Child (Thr

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The unique designed Stander can provide a variety of standing positions like;

*Vertical Standing,

*Supine Standing, or

*Prone Standing, to enable severely handicapped children to maintain a Standing position for various activities. Padded Knee rest and Chest support adjust up or down the Center column; foot boards with adjustable toe and heel loops adjust in or out from center column; leg abductor pad adjusts vertically, removable stabilizer pad is positioned against the buttock for maximum support. The Prone stander maybe adjusted from Horizontal to Vertical position (30degree to 90degree) through a worm-gear system. An activity tray is also provided with the unit to engage children in wide range of activates. The Unit accommodates children from 90cm to 140cm in height. The Stander & Activity Tray are fitted with 10cm dia. Lockable casters to prevent roll.