SHIRODHARA YANTRA (Automatic with Oil Flow & Temperature Controls)

SHIRODHARA YANTRA (Automatic with Oil Flow & Temperature Controls)

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Shirodhara Yantra Electrical, an automatic unit with digital controls for Oil flow & Oil Temperature. Unit is fitted with Treatment timer & electrical oscillatory movement of shirodhara oil pipe.


* Oil Filtration & Collecting : Yantra is fitted with stainless steel sink & sieve for Oil Collecting & Filtration.
* Oil Temperature Controls : Unit is fitted with Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller to control the temperature of the oil.
* Oil Pump : One, low voltage DC  motor pump to re-circulate the oil.
* Oil Dhara : The oil dhara flow can be controlled digitaly. Oil is lifted and Tel Dhara drops on patient's forehead automatically.
* Shirodhara Movement : An AC motor is fitted for oscillatory  movement of oil dhara pipe. It can be stopped if not required.
* Timer : An electrical 60 minutes Timer stops the treatment at pre-fixed time.
* Construction : The metal cabinet with chrome plated push handle is mounted on four wheels and has Powder coated finish.
* Power : 220V AC.