PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm, Hand & Foot):

PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm, Hand & Foot):
Product Description

PARAFFIN WAX BATH (Arm, Hand & Foot):

Paraffin Wax Bath, Used for Paraffin Treatments for the Symptomatic relief of pain & stiffness due to Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Muscle strains or Sports Injuries. Internal Wax Tank  made out of Stainless sheet with Aluminum cover and  Laminated wooden rim.  The  low temperature paraffin permits the immersion of the limb  directly  into the wax-bath or to apply with brush.

* Construction: Double walled body, well insulated. Wax tank of 20 gauge Stainless steel sheet. Fitted with laminated wooden rim & anodized Aluminum cover.  
* Wax Chamber: Size: 50cm x 35cm x 25cm.
* Heaters:Two, 1kw each, special wax Heaters.
* Heat Control: Thermostat to control tempreature from 00 to 85 deg.Cen.
* Indicator Lamps: Two, for Mains & Thermostat.
* Size: Overall Size of Wax Bath, 26" x 18" x 15".
* Mounting: Mounted on 5cm dia. Four casters.
* Power: 220-240 V AC. (Load, 2kw).
* Finish: Externally Powder Coated finish.
* Accessories: 6 Kg. Physio Wax, Power Plug, One brush for wax application, One Mug, One spatula & aluminum sheet mesh for heaters.

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