Multi-Exercise Therapy Chair

Multi-Exercise Therapy Chair

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Multi-exercise chair with overhead pulley system can be used for variety of exercises involving reciprocal motion for shoulder, elbow, knees & hips, quadriceps & hamstring stretching and other resistive & assistive exercises. The specifically designed chair which require little space and can be used in small departments where space is very limited.


* Construction : Square tube of 30mm construction with weight pan assembly & storage tray.
* Size : Floor area, 100cm long x 67cm wide, the overhead bar extends 80cm Beyond front portion of the frame.
* Seat & Back : Foam padded, Back's angle can be adjusted for comfort & fitted with stabilising straps.
* Overhead Pulley Blocks : Two sets, pulley blocks can be adjusted on overhead bar vertically. Pulley arms can be rotated (360 degrees) to adjust width.
* Weight Plates : 10 kg. (1kg plates = 8 + 0.5kg plates = 4).
* Finish : Powder coated finish frame with chrome plated overhead bar & weight carrier guide bars.
* Accessories : Pulleys with rope = 2 sets. Pulley block = 1. Wire handles = 2. Arm slings = 2. Ankle Straps = 2. Gripping bar = 1. Snap hooks = 4