IMICO SUSPENSION FRAME (with Suspension Gear)

IMICO SUSPENSION FRAME (with Suspension Gear)

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Tubular steel construction, with welded steel rod-mesh at the top for complete suspension with slings & ropes. Mesh facilitates suspension at any desired point in relation to the patient and as required in each individual case. Comes complete with Suspension Gear. Frame Supplied without Couch.
* Construction: Tubular steel frame with 6mm thick Rod-mesh at top and on upper sides. Legs fitted With Rubber/PVC Shoes.
* Sizes: Overall sizes 210cm long x 110cm wide at the base, 50cm wide at the top & 190cm high.
* Suspension Gear: Comprising 7 canvas slings (4 Limb, 2 Trunk & 1 Head), 4 Single Hook Ropes, 2 Single Pulley Ropes, & 2 Double Pulley Ropes with Necessary Hooks & Cleats, 8 Graduated Springs of Different Marked Tension. 2 Ankles Straps and 4'S'Hooks.
* Finish: Off White/Cream, Powder coated finish.