Continuous Passive Motion Unit With Six Mobilizati

Continuous Passive Motion Unit With Six Mobilizati

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Knee CPM (Model-Varun), a micro-computer controlled unit, represents the latest breakthrough in CPM Technology. Solid state circuitry control panel with highly visual LED Digital readouts allows Flexion and Extension of knee joint through a Prefixed Range of Motion and Time. Proper fit of Calf and Thigh lengths are easily achieved. The Necessary limb support provide comfortable surface for prolonged contact & are washable in cold water. The light weight unit is constructed of Aluminium Sheet & is placed on a movable trolley.
* Therapy Modes: SIX, Mobilization Modes for Continuous, Intermittent and Progressive passive movements.
* ROM Setting: Programmable from 00 to 110 deg
* Pause Time: Programmable Extension/Flexion Pause from 00 to 99 seconds.
* Treatment Time: Programmable from 01 to 99 min.
* Inching Switch: Starting angle can be set According to the need of patient.
* Memory/Programme: 30 Treatment Protocols can be Programmed & stored in memory.
* Displays: Digital display of ROM settings Pause Time, Treatment Time and Graphic display of Mobilization modes.
* Patient Safety: Patient Stop/interrupt treatment with hand held switch.
* Trolley: Provides Transportation & storage.
* Power Supply: 200-240 V AC at 50-60 Hz.